Reverend Daniel

Daniel England graduated with a degree in History from Wayne State University in Detroit. He continued his education with advanced degrees from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and Cambridge University School of Divinity in Cambridge, England. He enjoys writing and is the author of many articles that have appeared in local magazines such as the Fairfield, Westport, and Litchfield magazines.

Reverend Daniel is passionate about teaching and preaching the word of God as it is revealed in the Scriptures. Reverend Daniel says "Jesus taught in stories and he learned that, I think, from the Hebrew Bible, which is, after all, one long story, with notable highlights. One of my strengths seems to be bringing the stories of the Bible alive in preaching in a memorable way. For example, someone might wonder who the gospel writer Mark is, when he lived, when he wrote and what the situation was of the people to whom he was writing. Parsing individual verses and trying, however successfully, to apply them to modern life rather misses the point. The Bible comes alive when people can understand its sweep, books not just verses, people, not just long-forgotten authors of dense writings, and still less "rules"".

Reverend Daniel believe that easy, unforced humor makes preaching and teaching much more palatable -- people can relax when they're not just being lectured. He also relies on popular culture, the New York Times, the Economist and contemporary literature for illustrations rather than old chestnuts church people have heard a hundred times. Reverend Daniel also believes he has succeeded when he provokes people to think, when he reassures them in their confusion and weariness, and when he gives them courage for the facing of the days ahead.

About this, Reverend Daniel is truly passionate.