Adult Ministry at First Congregational Church offers a variety of dynamic opportunities for education, growth, and fellowship, including book groups, Bible study, interfaith dialog events, fellowship outings, and discussions of life and faith. Please see our current offerings.

We will kick off the month on November 4th and 11th with author Bill McEachern joining us for a two-part series examing many of the relevant questions concerning the "Dead Sea Scrolls". He will discuss their discovery and importance in understanding the Qumran community of the Essenes, their interpretation, and their impact upon modern Biblical scholarship. The talks will also cover many controversies which surround the Scrolls, including why it has taken so long for the translations to become available.

On Sunday, November 18th,"What do you say after you say Hello?" You've just learned that you friend or colleague had received very bad news. It could be related to a health issue, a job, a personal relationship or the loss of a loved one. What do you say - or not say - when you want to show your support? Stephen Ministers, Keith McKellop amd Bridget Johnson will offer the Stephen Ministry approach to handling these difficult moments and how you can be the loving care-giver your friend really needs at this time. Please join us for this interactive session on compassionate care-giving.

Note: There will be no session on November 25th Thanksgiving Weekend