Youth H.O.M.E. Service Mission Trip 2008


Look What Was Accomplished
Thank you all for Your Continued Support 8/3/08

  • Lucy's Farm - Stripped and completely re-roofed two barns - anamazing feat for two teams
  • Bucksport - Scraped, sanded, primed and repainted the three story 80 year old Hospitality Shelter that houses over 20 people in downtown Bucksport. A much needed face lift.
  • Dedham - Transitional Duplexes - Excavated by hand two 25' X 40' pads for two sheds for the occupants of the transitional apartments. A tough dirty job this rock strewn environment. Framed and sheathed both of these structures, readying them for the final roofing stage. A miraculous accomplishment given the conditions.
  • Community Way Houses - Finished Electrical outlets and powered up two houses
  • Orland Methodist Church - (Our Hosts) - Scraped, and painted the hallway connecting the hospitality room and the sanctuary.
  • Jackie Burpy's Roof - Re-roofed and weather shielded the chimney and vents for this hard working HOME employee.
  • Campus - Pottery Shed Roof - Re-roofed and made this working facility dry.
  • Phil Grey's Shelter - Re-roofed and secured this elderly gentleman’s home from the elements.
  • Duplex - Framed and sheathed the first two floors after having to wait two days for the slab to dry. This 40' X 60' two family transitional duplex will replace the dilapidated uninhabitable structure that was there on campus. A Herculean effort!

What an Awesome Year & Group of Kids & Adults!