Sunday Morning @ 21 West Lane

Adult Ministries has an exciting lineup for Sunday Morning at 21 West Lane, use the back door on the deck.

~ On March 5th Dante scholar Griffin Oleynick returns to address "Monks, Friars, Hermits and Nuns: Religious Orders in the Middle Ages". We will examine the distinctive spiritualties of the major Catholic religious orders in the medieval period. We will focus on mendicant (Franciscans and Dominicans) and monastic (Benedictine and Cistercian) orders and their rule-of-life texts. Social changes in Europe at the time will also be a key part of our analysis.

~ FCC's Greg Zaic will be our speaker on the 12th. He will offer a musically-themed presentation.

~ Rev. Karen Halac and James Early will join us on the 19th to present "Lose the Halo, Forget the Wings". All of scripture speaks of angels, powerful messengers who inform and protect. We will survey angelic appearances throughout the Bible (more than 250 references) and ponder the major themes of their appearances and the news they bring.

~ Former Teaching Minister Carlene Demiany returns for a two-session series on the theme of Catholics and Protestants in dialogue. On the 26th, Carlene will discuss how the Protestant Reformation impacted the Catholic Church and explore different understandings of revelation in each tradition. On April 2nd, she will discuss the role of the Pope and specifically look at Pope Francis - his teachings, encyclicals, and outreach to Protestant denominations.

Coffee and doughnuts will be served at all events.