We are now nearly two weeks into the actual work of renovating the Church House!

After the Town issued 2/6 Building Permit, we moved quickly to get the project underway on 2/21, 10 days earlier than we planned. The first task was interior demolition—removing carpets, ceilings, insulation, wiring, kitchen equipment, etc.

When you come to Church, you won't be able to see what is going on inside the Church House, but there are big and visible changes in how we enter and leave the Sanctuary and the parking lot:

  • All the Church House doors are locked, the inside (except the children's classroom area) is now a construction zone, and no one except construction workers should be entering;
  • Construction fencing is closing off part of our parking lot, there are large dumpsters in place, and construction equipment and materials are being staged;
  • The only access to the Sanctuary is through the double red doors facing the driveway and through the double red Bell Tower doors (which will be in regular use for the first time in years). The current passageway from the Sanctuary is an emergency exit only, and access to the Church House is blocked.
  • The Bell Tower doors are accessible via a ramp and a temporary pathway around the end of the Sanctuary building. The same pathway is the only access to the Columbarium.
  • Restrooms are located off the Bell Tower room and on the first floor of Shields House.
  • We are using the children's classroom area until June, but that area is accessible only from the outside. This area contains a family restroom. Access to the construction zone is blocked.

To all who helped complete the move out of the Church House on schedule, and the highly successful Tag Sale offering of unneeded 'stuff' to our congregation, mission partners and local not-for-profits, a huge THANK YOU!

We have agreed with our Construction Manager that the maximum price for the construction work is $3.2M. When we include our costs for the design team and equipment and furnishings we plan to buy, as well as costs we have already incurred for the Sanctuary and Shields House, our total project budget remains at $4.8M. We anticipate Capital Campaign receipts of $4.9M, of which $4.3M has already been collected. We are intensely grateful to all who have contributed! To cover our costs, we still need the support of those who have made commitments, and additional commitments are welcome.

We plan to use all available communications channels to keep you informed of project progress and of changes in the way you use the parking lot and access the Sanctuary. We will use lectern moments, eblasts, Fountain articles, bulletin boards and our website to keep you updated. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us on the Steering Committee.