Congregational Care:
Focus on Church Prayer Ministries

Prayer is knit into the very nature of Christian life together, not just into individual Christian lives and not just in worship. Whether the outcome of prayers on behalf of another/others is the human miracle for which someone yearns or—somewhere, somehow—the palpable miracle of God's peace and loving touch, Christians continue to embrace the power and efficacy of prayer and how it highlights the awesome nature of the God we worship. Those who serve on our two confidential prayer ministries (Prayer Chain and Prayer Partners) concur!

Anyone who desires prayers for themselves, for others, or for a particular situation, may either notify the church office or fill out a blue prayer card and place it in the offering plate during worship. Requests for prayer are sent to Sherry Gervais, who faithfully organizes and sends them to the members of the Prayer Chain to add to their daily prayer lists. Each prayer may remain on the "active" prayer list for three months, so please "renew" long-term prayer requests after that. Prayer Chain folks also receive gratefully any "updates" you care to share.

Prayer Partners, as the ministers regularly indicate, stand ready to pray with you in a personal and confidential way after a worship service. Although they most often have stood at the entrance to the Bell Tower, that may change during building construction to ensure maximum privacy. So, listen for the Prayer Partner location announcement during each worship service! Ralph Slater capably organizes our trained Prayer Partner roster.

We are grateful to all who pray for and with us on behalf of the church! Together may we fulfill Paul's directive to "pray without ceasing!" (1Thess. 5:17)

Deeny Bennett, Congregational Care Minister