Care Ministry
Congregation Prepared

The Congregation Prepared team, ably led by Bev Barnard, seeks to expand upon the Christian care we have for one another by improving safety practices and emergency preparedness, both of individual members and of the congregation as a whole. It serves also as a mission outreach to our wider town community and a pilot program for other town congregations through our safety programs, our increasing CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) presence, and the development of a new tier of town emergency volunteers from our church.

Last fall, Congregation Prepared distributed Town of Ridgefield emergency readiness information brochures to all members. Our local emergency management team continues to emphasize that everyone needs to register with CT Alert ( so you can receive accurate and timely Ridgefield-based information in the event of an emergency. We continue to offer training in CPR and the use of our on-site AED (now located to the right of the fireplace at the rear of the sanctuary)—and encourage church folks to become CERT trained (10 have already!). Save lives—and improve town safety in emergencies!

Congregation Prepared is working with town emergency management to form a group of people from our church willing to help if we face the long aftermath of a major weather event (think Hurricane Sandy). With minimal training, they could provide relief to weary CERT workers for an hour or two by answering phones or serving a meal. If you are interested, please let the church office know! And stay tuned for further church safety and preparedness suggestions!

Deeny Bennett