From Pastor Charlie . . .

Psalm 127 begins with this great verse: "Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." As our church house is being renovated, we must not only be aware that God is at work through us, we must pray for God to be at work in us.

We are God's construction project. We ourselves are under construction. Each of the scripture readings listed for the first three Sundays in May are on this theme. Read them ahead of time now, use them as a meditative guide this month, and ask God each day to be at work in your life.

Here are a few little verses, drawn from these biblical texts, that you might use as a chant in prayer:

    God the Lord, you build this house;
    We who build won't work in vain.

    On this rock, I'll build my church,
    Be like Peter, Jesus said.

    Rock of faith in Jesus Christ,
    Son of God, the living Lord.

    Come to him as living stones,
    He will build us as his house.

    God the Lord, you build this house;
    We who build won't work in vain.

We are so grateful to every member and friend who has contributed financially to the church's building project. If you have not done so, or if you can increase your support, please join this important effort!

To everyone, I say, please consider the church's building project as a sign of faith, hope, and confidence that God is at work in and through us here in Ridgefield in the church of Jesus Christ.

Charles Hambrick-Stowe