Master Plan Implementation Update

The renovation project is moving forward rapidly, outside and inside the Church House. We remain on track for substantial completion by Rally Day in September.

Outside, the new entry driveway has been laid out and will, assuming no unexpected issues or weather delays, be in use during the weekend of April 29 and 30. The construction fencing has been moved to encompass the expanded work area. The buried oil tank was removed, so now work will begin on the new entry vestibule. The organ has been taken out of service and wrapped to protect it from dust as work begins on the terrace, the accessible entrance, and the passageway. We plan to seal the Sanctuary when it is not in use in order to minimize the infiltration of construction dust. New connections have been made to the Aquarion water system to support the new sprinkler system, requiring us to open and then repave a section of Route 33.

The new entry driveway will have a temporary surface and will be quite close to Shields House, so please drive and walk safely. As the project proceeds, we may have to close the entry driveway at times on weekdays as we install utilities and conduit from Shields House to the Church House. Please be ready to use the West Lane entrance at these times.

Inside, work continues on new block walls and door frames, electricians have been pulling wire and installing new equipment in the basement electrical room, framers have been installing the metal studs which will support the new Lund Hall ceiling, the walls of the corridors, and the walls necessary for reorganized spaces in the Church House. This work will continue in coming weeks. Soon, new HVAC equipment will be placed on the roof and fabricated ductwork installed.

Orders for new furniture, with the exception of Lund Hall chairs, have been placed.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us on the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee: Chris Bennett, Paul Gervais, Randy Glendinning, Rhonda Hill, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Dave Lussier, David Montieth, John Moscone, Mike Pommer, Bob Yates, Reverend Charlie, Reverend Karen