Heartfelt Thanks!

The whole concept of "Congregational Care" has come alive for me in a personal and beautiful sense during this season of my major surgery and post-operative recovery! Chris and I remain truly grateful for the Spirit-filled ways in which you have ministered to us both. I have felt cradled in prayer all through this medical odyssey-prayer that has brought peace to my heart; support to my medical and personal caregivers; healing to my body, mind, and spirit; and joy to my soul. I have cherished your cards and calls and your concerns for Chris as well as for me. And we both have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful fellowship meals you have provided.

I shall be returning to work in May and look forward to celebrating, supporting, and furthering the work of the many congregational care ministries that help knit us together and empower us to reach out to serve through and beyond our church. It may take many months of rehab before I can lift a great deal or readily use my right hand/arm/shoulder, so chuckle with me as I shake with my left hand for a time. But I thank God that modern medicine can repair damage that even a few decades ago would have been impossible to alleviate.

When I was unable to do anything else, I found I could still pray, and the greatest prayer of my heart has been gratitude. I find myself echoing Paul, over and over: I give thanks to God for you always...!

Deeny Bennett,
Congregational Care Minister