From Pastor Charlie . . .

Life in the church is a team effort. The ministry of the gospel calls believers to work together for the common good, for the kingdom of God.

We are "congregational," which means we affirm that the church is the people. At our annual meeting in June the congregation elected leaders to serve on our ministries and committees and during worship we commissioned the Search Committee to seek the church's next senior minister. This summer all these groups are working to organize for the new program year.

I am reminded of how Paul concluded his important letter to the church at Rome. After blessing them with "the God of peace be with you all," he went on to greet 28 male and female believers in that city by name. Paul describes them all as "co-workers in Christ" (Romans 15:33-16:16).

Here's my reflection on how we now, all of us, are co-workers in Christ:

The God of peace be with us all,
co-workers in the Lord,
as members of Christ's family,
apostles of his Word.

Priscilla and Aquila then,
and Phoebe in her day,
they joined with Paul and
many more
to serve in their own way.

So in your church, God, make
us one,
co-workers in the Lord;
and may your peace be with
us all,
the promise of your Word.

My prayer for the church is that we live up to what we say on our masthead, "Every member a minister."

Charles Hambrick-Stowe