Senior Minister
Search committee update

Greetings from your newly-formed Senior Pastor Search Committee. The following members, representing a cross-section of our congregation, were commissioned during worship services on Sunday, June 4:

Brenda Calia, co-chair
Ann Kessler, co-chair
Nicole Gibson, Eric Johnson Gerry O'Hara, Wendy O'Sullivan, Roger Restaino, Nathan Sved, and Janissa Wiles

We have begun meeting weekly, have received orientation and guidance from our UCC Connecticut Conference Regional Minister, Rev. Dr. Michael Ciba, and have started the process of gathering the necessary input and information that will enable us to create an accurate profile of FCC today. Listening sessions and surveys are important tools to help us in this first step in the process. If you have not had a chance yet to participate, we encourage you to do so. Your input is very important!

Stay tuned for regular updates on the process and progress via future pulpit moments, e-blasts and articles in the Fountain. And please keep our church in your prayers.