Notes on Giving

"You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity"
2 Corinthians 9

During the past year Trustees have devoted time, effort and money to do some long-deferred tree and shrub care on the church property. Many of the trees have been pruned and cabled so that the branches will not become a safety hazard. The prolonged drought has stressed out some of the larger trees and some have had to be taken down. In addition, there were trees that needed to be taken down due to the reconfiguration of the parking area. One type of tree, the Ash tree continues to suffer from the ravages of the Emerald Ash Borer. For this particular tree, a root injection treatment is needed to suppress this insect. Otherwise, the tree may die.

The trees on the church property are part of the Legacy of this historic church campus. Right now because of the construction situation on the property, we need to be mindful of this wonderful manifestation of God's Love for us. We must protect them now for future generations. All of this, of course, takes money. If you would like give a gift for the on-going preservation of the trees on the campus, please make out your check to First Congregational Church and put a note on the memo line that your gift is to be used for the "Trees". We can help you if you want to give a gift electronically or set up a transfer of appreciated stock to the church. Contact Bruce Burdumy at for details.