Congregation Prepared Update

In our first year of the new Congregation Prepared program, we now have a dozen or so members of our Congregation who are trained CERTS among us. We also have held a CPR/AED class, and continue to prominently publicize the location of our AED.

This Fall, we will implement our new fire evacuation plan for our Sunday school classrooms. We will hold two drills a year, the first one in the Fall to insure teachers, parents and children know how to respond. There will be a designated safe area location to reunite parents with their children.

We are pleased to announce Terry Kirkpatrick, who is a CERT, has offered to have his certified therapy dog Scout, be our official Congregation Prepared therapy dog for our members if we should need for Scout to provide comfort after a major event. Scout is also involved as a therapy dog for CERT.

As you can see, we have made much progress this first year. Another CERT class will be held in the Fall and the list is now forming. Please let Bev Barnard know if you want to be on the Fall CERT class list. There will be another CPR/AED class in the Fall. Have a safe summer!