Sunday Mornings
In The Commons

Adult Ministries
welcomes you for a
thought-provoking lineup!

Classes resume on September 24th in The Commons at 8:30 am. We will kick off the season with Pastor Charlie
for a preview of one of his retirement writing projects, as he explores seven different biblical models of Christian ministry. We will examine how ministry was handled by Jesus and his disciples and in the early church.

On October 1st, FCC's John Richards
will discuss designing and implementing care-systems within the home and otherwise for seniors and others. Such care can become a portal to the transcendent experiences that Jesus promises will be ours when we give and receive love.

On the 8th, Rev. Karen Halac
will cover highlights of her sabbatical including Trinity: The Soul of Creation conference in NM; pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Iona off the coast of Scotland; travels to Jordan, to sacred sites in France and to Board meetings of the American & Foreign Christian Union in Vienna.

Former Teaching Minister Carlene Demiany returns on the 15th
to discuss the Book of Proverbs, which raises questions of value, moral development, and living the 'good life.' Come to learn more about the 'proverbial' wisdom and reflect on the theological themes.

Rev. 'PJ' Leopold, Executive Director of the Association of Religious Communities (ARC) joins us on the 22nd.
She will outline the mission and programs of ARC with an emphasis on interfaith cooperation.

We will wrap up the month on the 29th with FCC's David Montieth's "Jumping For Life"
presentation about how High Jumping and other physical activities can impact our physical, mental and spiritual lives. We all need a strategy to address the multitude of health vulnerabilities that we face as we age.

Join us for these exciting conversations. Coffee and breakfast snacks will be served at all events