This summer you have seen, and experienced, the final stages of the project site work. We have an improved and safer parking area (lines will be applied soon); a new terrace, reached by walkways and new sidewalks from the parking area; new landscaping, and new parking lot lighting (subject to Historic District Commission approval). Still to come, later in September, will be bollard lighting along the pathways. Once those are installed, the Site work will be complete.

You have also seen exterior changes to the Church House and Sanctuary: the new Entry Vestibule to the Church House, the new accessible double door entrance to the Sanctuary from the Terrace, new double doors at the rear of the Sanctuary, new windows and exterior doors, the repainted exterior, and a partial new roof. The changes inside the building are equally significant--something to look forward to seeing on Rally Day! If you can't wait, take a look at the pictures on

We are in the process of returning home to the Church House, moving things from multiple storage sites back into the building and organizing and putting it all away. Once again, we have men from Pivot helping us, and David Montieth is seeking volunteers who will have the satisfaction of helping us get resettled, and the opportunity to get a live preview of the interior.

As with any large renovation project, there will be things still needing to be done, or that we will find we want to do, once we start using the Church House. Our Construction Manager and Owner's Representative will continue to work with us after the work is substantially complete (immediately after Labor Day) to make sure we have the building and campus we contracted for.

We look forward to joining the congregation in celebrating the completion of the project on Rally Day, and to the Community Open House on October 15.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us on the Steering Committee: Chris Bennett, Paul Gervais, Randy Glendinning, Rhonda Hill, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Dave Lussier, David Montieth, John Moscone, Mike Pommer, Bob Yates, Reverend Charlie, Reverend Karen