From The Columbarium Trust....

Have you ever noticed the names on the granite inscription plaques in the Rev. Nigh Meditation Garden and Columbarium? Sometime look at those who are interred. Ages range from those who were taken away too young to those who have had a full life. There are also longtime married couples interred together. Perhaps there are people that you knew.

A frequent question is whether the Columbarium is only for members of First Congregational. The answer is that it is for members, but also for our broader Church family. It is for members, for their families--whether are not they are members--and for anyone who is a former member, or perhaps a longtime participant in the life of FCC who never became a member. There may also be a time when an exception is asked for and is considered.

Who else might be interred here? It would be hard to say until a situation arose. For example, maybe someone who has worked for FCC, or a descendant of someone who played a part in our history.

It is also important to note that a percentage of the niches has been set aside, in random placement, for any Church member who can't afford to be interred in the Columbarium. We are honoring that commitment.

If you have questions about who can be interred in the Columbarium, or if you may be interested in purchasing a niche, please talk to our Senior Minister or any Trust Member.

Sincerely, the Columbarium Trust: Chris Brown, Ruth Creamer, Jo-Anne Price, Joanne Rodenbach, Carl Slay, Helen Stevens, Ed Van Den Ameele