Senior Pastor Search Committee Update

Since commissioning back in June, the Senior Pastor Search Committee has continued to meet for the last 11 weeks. Much of our time together has focused on understanding the UCC Search Process and preparing our Local Church Profile, a key document that provides important information to prospective candidates pertaining to our church, our congregation and our community. We aim to have this document submitted to our Regional Conference Minister, Michael Ciba, in early September. Upon his review, we will then solicit Church Council's feedback and approval prior to posting our opening.

The Search Committee will continue to work on the call package and the steps we will take to evaluate and interview candidates. We anticipate site visits to several candidates, reference checking and more before we are in a position to invite a final candidate to our church. Given this process, the Search Committee does not expect our church will have selected a new Sr. Pastor prior to or immediately following Pastor Charlie's last Sunday, November 12, 2017. This update was reported to Church Council during their August meeting.

We do appreciate everyone is anxious to find a new pastor, but it is incumbent upon the Search Committee to be thorough and complete. Please know we are truly committed to thoughtfully, prayerfully and efficiently working through all required steps in the search process as we seek to identify and introduce the candidate we feel best meets the needs and wants of our church family.

Please contact us in person, by email at or leave a message in our mailbox in Shield's House with any questions or ideas. Thank you!