Notes on Giving

"All we have comes from God and we give it out of His hand."
1 Chronicles 29:14b

If you have ever been called upon after the death of a loved one to settle their Estate you will understand the concept of Planned Giving. Planned Giving means that during your lifetime you create ways to pass on your financial assets or personal possessions to the people or institutions that you love. Part of your plan may be to create a will or trust to carry out your desires, to name specific beneficiaries for your life insurance or retirement accounts, or provide for children and grandchildren in your planning. Whatever it is that you decide, you need to make a plan. It makes sense to seek out professionals like Financial Advisors or Attorneys. You may want to make substantial gifts during your lifetime for tax purposes. If you would like to include First Congregational Church in your Planned Giving please contact Bruce Burdumy for information about electronic giving at Or Cynthia Slater for specifics about tax-advantaged giving at