Our Ministry Of Music

When is a Seventeenth Annual FALL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC unlike any of the previous sixteen opening night concerts of the Fountain Music Series? When it's a grand hymn-sing for choirs and congregation, when both of our children's choirs will be robed and singing, when the Worship Band will be playing, when the Celebration Ringers will be playing, when Chloe Rees, our fifteen-year-old concert pianist, will be playing, when the Concert Choir will be singing, when Jay Johnson's jazz group will be playing, when there will be no brass or percussion this time . . . when it's new from the ground up . . . in other words, when it features exclusively "the sounds of FCC's Music Ministry" in all its glorious splendor and radiant palettes. Friday, October 27, at 7:30pm, is Opening Night at the FMS. Will you be there to experience this 'first', and to raise the roof in resplendently singing our faith?

The annual Fountain Music Series mailing will go out soon, and I encourage each of you to join or re-join our Friends of the Concert Series, that precious coterie of church members and area residents who underwrite so generously and intentionally year after year the self-sustaining Fountain Music Series. Now entering its 22nd season, the mission remains the same: to bring to the congregation and community the finest of music and performance, pursuing the motto Excellence in all things, and all things to God's glory." In this bizarre and hurting world, I say "concerts which are designed to edify and enrich all listeners, and to effect a greater awareness of God's love through His gift of music" are definitely worth attending and investing in.

And that's only one evening. Don't miss a Sunday of worship either, and you won't miss the variety and constant surprises your Music Ministry lines up each and every Sunday! Where else but FCC?

Soli Deo Gloria!

Edwin R. Taylor,
Minister of Music/Music Director
and member of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors