Senior Pastor Search Committee Update

We recently came across a sermon by Rev. Charles Svendsen, who served FCC as an interim pastor in 1995. We'd like to share an excerpt:

"In any church decision, we appeal first of all to a firm foundation. A firm foundation. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Corinth speaks of no other foundation than that of Jesus Christ. The rock solid base. The point of reference. The guiding compass of any church decision, particularly one so weighty as the calling of a settled pastor, is that Jesus Christ is the reigning redeemer of the church.

"The people of God throughout the history of the church have maintained that Jesus is both Lord and redeemer of humanity. And it is upon this rock of salvation that we build.

"So the question we ask of ourselves in calling a new pastor, in readying ourselves for a new leadership, is first of all: Are we ourselves, as people, are we trusting, are we relying, are we grounding our hope, our foundation - our firm foundation - upon this Jesus? That's the question we ask not only as a church, as a corporate community of faith, but we ask that of ourselves. I would challenge you to ask that of yourself. Where is your hope? Where is your confidence? Where is your faith? And we affirm, do we not, as believers that our confidence, our faith, our hope, our ground, our foundation, is in the person and work of Christ for our behalf. And we will then be in a better position, a more powerful position to ask, 'Will this pastor lead us to rest in this same Gospel. And will this pastor challenge us to work and serve for our Lord? Is this minister one who will deepen that foundation and help us build upon it?'"

Please pray for us and for the candidates who are sending us their profiles. And pray that as a church we will be ready for a new and exciting era!