Sunday Mornings
In The Commons

Adult Ministries welcomes you for a thought-provoking lineup of classes in February and early March in The Commons at 8:30 am. Coffee and breakfast snacks will be served at all events.

On the 4th, Father John Morrison will join us once again to examine C.S. Lewis, one of the most influential Christians of the 20th century. Father Morrison was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1982. Now retired, he was a professor of Literature and Theology at the Mercer School of Theology in Garden City. Lewis made it his mission to refresh faith with new images and new life in order to stoke the readers' imaginations, which would enable them to answer the call of the Lord. We will examine some of his writings to see how he does this.

On the 11th, this class will be held in the Hauley Room, FCC's Michelle Olsen & Deeny Bennett will join us for an overview of Stephen Ministry - how it works, the training required, and its successes over 40 years. Have you ever experienced a rough chapter in your life, such as loss of a job, a spouse, a parent, your health or independence? Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one lay caring ministry that provides high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting.

Class will not be held on the 18th due to President's Day weekend.

On the 25th, musical soloist Erin Donaldson will step outside the choir to share her thoughts on "From Victim to Victor: A Journey from Chains to Choice" in honor of Black History Month. Erin will discuss how many within the Black community were and are determined to succeed and to strive for excellence because of their faith as having been made in the image of God rather than succumbing to the bigotry of low expectations.

Finally on March 4th, Rabbi John Haddon will join us once again to discuss the Jewish view of the afterlife. Please join us.