Master Plan Update

The Steering Committee's work continues to wind down, though it will not be complete until all capital campaign receipts are in, which should be by the end of this year. In the coming months, we will focus on two areas.

First, we will be dealing with any final 'to do' items and continuing to adapt to the renovated building. We will develop a 'User's Manual' for the Church House so members and others using the building will know how to raise or lower the Lund Hall lights, or increase heating or cooling in a room where an "unoccupied" temperature setting is programmed. One of the 'to do' items is adding the exterior door in the children's classroom area to our programmed door control system. Our renovated building passed its first severe cold test during January. The heating systems and new insulation kept the building comfortable and protected the new sprinkler system from freezing.

Second, we will focus on identifying which items from a long list of things we wish we could have included in the project should be pursued with any funds we receive above our project costs. Our project costs remain on 'target at about $4.8M. The amazing way the congregation stepped up to accelerate many commitments at the end of 2017 meant that we have not had to utilize our standby line of credit. It also gives us confidence that we will have funds to address some of those deferred projects. We are grateful to all who have contributed and continue to contribute-you are making it possible for us to do more than we planned without incurring long term debt.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us on the Steering Committee: Chris Bennett, Paul Gervais, Randy Glendinning, Rhonda Hill, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Dave Lussier, David Montieth, John Moscone, Mike Pommer, Bob Yates, Reverend Karen