2nd Annual 'HAVE A HEART FOR MISSION' Fair, Sunday February 11th

We are rapidly approaching our only Mission fundraiser of the year! Since Valentine's Day happens to fall on Ash Wednesday in 2018, we will be combining our Mission Fair with Jazz Sunday so come join us for an amazing event full of music, fellowship, good food and, what's more...shopping!

Last year, in addition to support from local merchants, we received incredible personal donations from within our own congregation. Do you remember some of the highlights?

Perhaps you remember:

  • Your sunset boat trip with the Chows? The O'Sullivan boys certainly remember their fishing trip with Dave Ketner
  • What about your evening at the RSO or game-day at West Point? Dinner with the Glendinnings or a movie-night with the Siegels? Maybe a night beneath the stars.... thank-you Laird!
  • Perhaps a weekend getaway or a full-blown vacation? By the lake, the sea....?
  • Or maybe you tried something new - fly-fishing with Keith McKellop? Water-color painting with Tina Phillips?
We are blessed to have far too many examples to list!

Yes - the 'stars' of last year's fair were not only lovely gifts donated but shared experiences and this year, we invite you to contribute these too! Not just those of you who are the natural hosts and tutors within our congregation, but those of you who experienced these gifts last year. What could you contribute? Where do your talents lie? The possibilities are endless....

This year's fair will be upon us before we know it! Please consider a donation.....and if giving an experience really is just 'not your thing' then why not help us approach the businesses in town? WE WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP!

Thank you in advance for your support!