Master Plan Update

The Steering Committee is focused on completing our project plan and pursuing deferred projects as funds become available.

Completion steps include small efforts (completing installation of room signs and developing directional signage inside the Church House, repairing broken step lights), and larger ones (strengthening the gates on the trash enclosure, adding required ventilation to the nursery toilet, and developing a plan to address the Historic District Commission's continuing concern about the intensity of our new exterior lights). We are preparing a "User's Manual" for the Church House.

We continue to try to make our Church House both welcoming and secure. Starting March 4, the exterior door in the classroom area will be programmed to be locked during Sunday school, but otherwise open on Sunday morning as it has been. It will be locked the rest of the week in order to maintain security for CCK. We will be installing equipment making the corridor door to the Columbarium a programmed door. This should avoid Columbarium visitors being inadvertently locked out. This will take some time for electrical work, the purchase and installation of a new crash bar, and connection to the control program.

As the weather improves, exterior maintenance issues will become more important. We urge you to keep cars on the paved areas--significant damage has been done to the grass median in the parking lot. Caring for our campus and our buildings will keep them fresh, avoiding 're-do' costs.

Your continuing support for the Capital Campaign is allowing us to start moving forward with some of the work efforts we could not fit within our $4.8 million project plan. Initial actions include updating bathroom fixtures in the children's and nursery toilets and installing a flagpole in the area beside the terrace.

We are grateful to all who have contributed and continue to contribute!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us on the Steering Committee: Chris Bennett, Paul Gervais, Randy Glendinning, Rhonda Hill, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Dave Lussier, David Montieth, John Moscone, Mike Pommer, Bob Yates, Reverend Karen