The Elizabeth Circle

Wednesday, March 14, 1:15 p.m.
"The Ridgefield Thrift Shop"
presented in the Hauley Room

"A Cinderella Story." The Ridgefield Thrift Shop president, Mary Ellen Loncto, will relate the 81-year-old shop's evolution from its longtime Catoonah Street home since 1960...through its move to Governor Street last May to being voted "2017 Business of the Year", and collectively, "Volunteer of the Year", by The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce. Both achievements will be recognized at the Chamber's annual breakfast March 9th.

But best of all, the increase in the shop's sales, likewise, translates to an increase in what it is able to return to worthy community organizations. Additionally, there will be a scholarship granted to a college-bound high school senior.

Everyone interested is invited to learn how the "might of 85 volunteers", supporting the vision of its president, made this happen. Inspiring!

Always, fellowship and refreshments.