Master Plan Update

Our focus, recently and for the immediate future, is threefold: (1) wrapping up project 'punch list' items; (2) addressing deferred projects as funds become available; and (3) transferring information necessary for the ongoing operation of the campus to relevant staff and to Trustees.

Punch List items completed or in progress:

  • Corrected the trash enclosure gates;
  • Repairing the Church House entrance step lights and installing metal covers;
  • Filled in and repainted cracks in the Lund Hall ceiling and trim separations in various parts of the building;
  • Reprogramming Lund Hall light controls; electrical outlet added for computers in Hauley Room; a strobe only fire alarm added inside the Sanctuary;
  • Repaired and reinforced one of the kitchen sinks;
  • We plan to clean and reinstall the stained-glass panels in the passageway from the Sanctuary;
  • Ordered interior directional signs.

Deferred projects:

  • Replaced bathroom toilets and urinals in the classroom area, and replaced the water heater serving that area;
  • Soon we hope to be able to order a new flagpole to be installed in front of the Church House.

Transfer of Information:

  • Preparing a User's Manual to guide folks using the Church House in the operation of the new systems and capabilities-lights, audio and visual capabilities, kitchen, fire alarms, etc.
  • Recommended a process for addressing decor and art going forward;
  • Introducing the staff to the HVAC controls and the maintenance requirements for all the new systems;

In addition, we continue to work towards a resolution of the Historic District Commission's concerns about the intensity and whiteness of our exterior light fixtures.

Your continuing support for the Capital Campaign is allowing us to address some deferred projects, and we expect that as funds come in we will proceed with others. We are grateful to all who have contributed and continue to contribute!