Greetings from the Sr. Pastor Search Committee

We want to address a question we have heard recently about whether or not Rev. Daniel could be considered for the position of settled Senior Pastor. Part of the beauty of intentional interim ministry is that, by design, these ministers are not eligible to be a candidate for the settled Senior Pastor position we are looking to fill. This interim time is one of discernment and getting the church prepared for the next phase, which is why we are very grateful to have such a skilled minister in Rev. Daniel to help us through this time.

The Search Committee is really hard at work. Looking for a Sr. Pastor is not easy. Yes, it is a major time commitment, but we knew that going into this process. What I mean is, it is not easy to find a Sr. Pastor. Think about it with me....

We want someone with a brilliant education and credentials but someone who is also down to earth and relatable. Someone who is young, but with lots of experience. Who is experienced, but not stuck in their ways. Someone who has demonstrated their ability to manage staff, lead Bible studies, give a great sermon, understand music's role in worship, and provide pastoral care to young, old, sick, depressed, and lost. But there is one really important thing. We are looking for a Sr. Pastor right now - which means this perfect candidate just happens to be looking for a church right now too. One of those cliches - Timing is everything - really comes to play here!

The good news is, we are interviewing and visiting candidates. In God's time we will be able to present a candidate to you. We ask for your continued prayers and support. Thank you!