New Electronic Payment System

New! Give+ Online

The Good News: FCC is migrating to simpler, easier to use payment approach. It is still with Vanco our trusted provider who services over 20,000 faith institutions and is fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. (

New Users: You will need to establish a login (email address of your choice and password) as you establish your payment elections. You can still select popular credit cards, debit cards or have the payment deducted from your bank account (known as ACH) which is the preferred choice and charges FCC the least for processing.

Existing Users: You can merge your account with this new system so you too can assess and control your electronic giving and payment sources. To Initiate this change please send an email with the subject: FCC Electronic Giving Update to and the email address you would like to use. Once your existing record is updated you can login with that email address and set up your password. This one time update will move your account to the New Web Pay system and give you all the benefits.

Below is the link to the new system. Please take action NOW to establish or update your recurring payment for 2018. If you need to "Catch Up" on some missed payments you can also process a one time transaction as well thru the same login and system...... since you are in control.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can contact Vanco directly or you can contact Bruce Burdumy, 203-733-9904 or

Link: New! Give+ Online

Thank You! for your Generous Giving and please give us feedback as you wish on this new system!

Our previous electronic giving systems will be available until further notice. Click to access HOME donations, One-Time donations, or Re-Occuring donations