One Book, One Season

Small Group Leader: Varies
Phone: (203) 438-8077

"Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life" by Joan Chittister "One of the greatest spiritual writers of our time offers this unique examination into finding God in the contradictions of daily life. How do we find God when we feel lonely, despite a full inbox of emails? How do moments of failure impact our success? This book provides answers to these questions and many more. It is a thought-provoking spiritual read for the Lenten Season." - Carlene Demiany Teaching Minister, FCC "Beloved author Joan Chittester has written countless books and articles that are pillars of peace, faith, prophetic justice, and personal devotion. Between the Dark and the Daylight invites us to explore some of the most difficult questions of faith, loss, discouragement, hope, sorrow, and strength. The life of faith is not one of easy answers, but of challenges, growth, hard-won trust, and renewal. Chittester leads us through those 'dark nights of the soul' and shining moments of the light of God's grace to a place where the tensions of life's perplexing paradoxes, understood rightly, are faith-building rather than soul-crushing." - Rev. Karen Halac Associate Minister, FCC This next in our ongoing series of OBOS small groups will start with a Kickoff event on February 21 at 11:30 a.m. following the 10:00 service. Then the group will meet on the next four Sundays. These groups, offered on Sunday evenings and Wednesdays mid-day (choose the group that works best for your schedule), are led by trained ChristCare leaders and provide a unique opportunity to explore inspiring and sometimes challenging themes within the caring, respectful environment of a ChristCare small group. ONE BOOK, ONE SEASON is a great way to experience the rewarding ChristCare small group experience without making a long-term commitment.