FCC is dedicated to supporting the spiritual lives and enriching the spiritual well-being of our community. Stephen Ministers are FCC members who receive 50-hours of training. They are commissioned to provide in-depth, confidential Christian care for anyone in need.

Christ Caring for People Through People.
As Christians, God calls us to care for and nurture one another. Paul says in Romans 12:15, "Be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep". There are times in each of our lives when the loving care and support of a fellow Christian is certainly a blessing - and perhaps even a necessity.

Our church is dedicated to supporting the spiritual lives and enriching the spiritual well-being of our community - you and me. Not only are our ministers and church staff committed to our spiritual care and support in difficult times, our congregation has lay persons called Stephen Ministers who have been trained and commissioned to provide Christian care for others.

What is Stephen Ministry?
A ministry named after St. Stephen, the first deacon in the early church, commissioned by the apostles to care for the community's needs. A special ministry in which one Christian reaches out to another in times of need. A helping relationship with scheduled regularity, dependability and confidentiality. The duration of the relationship depends upon the need.

Who is a Stephen Minister?
A caring Christian, offering support to another in a time of need. A caring Christian, sharing the life experiences and burdens of another. A trained Christian, having developed skills through training, ongoing education and supervision. A dedicated Christian, commissioned by our congregation for in-depth confidential caring.

About Confidentiality.
The rule is: "All interactions concerning the persons being ministered to are, and must remain, confidential."

Some of the Needs Addressed.
Grieving the loss of a loved one Feeling depressed Homebound
Experiencing loneliness Separation or divorce Terminal Illness
Pregnancy Childbirth Infertility
Loss of job Career change Hospitalization

Stephen Ministry recognizes the brokenness in all of us...
and helps to bring Christ's healing to us...through each other.

"Help carry one another's burden, and in this way you will obey the law of Christ'".Galatians 6:2

The referral process for receiving a Stephen Minister is only through a local Stephen Ministry church. If you would like more information about getting connected with a Stephen Minister, please contact The First Congregational Church Senior Minister at 203-438-8077 ext. *817 or Parish Nurse at 203-438-8077 ext. *820 or by email at StephenMinistry@firstcongregational.com.