The Trustee Ministry serves the members of the First Congregational Church by providing and maintaining a campus for worship.

Trustees are elected by the Church membership. There are 12 Trustees, each of whom is elected for a term of three years. One third of the Ministry membership is elected as new Trustees each year. The Treasurer and Financial Secretary serve as ex officio members.

The Trustees are responsible for the care and custody of the property of the Church. They manage the property as a sacred trust, whether real or personal, in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the Church By-Laws. The Church Council provides overall guidance and direction to the Trustees.

The Trustees oversee Church properties, buildings, and grounds. They ensure that the facilities can accommodate the programs of the Church. The Trustees anticipate and plan for the continued repair and maintenance of the Church Campus.

Trustees often work behind the scenes. But, their actions enhance the overall spiritual experience of all those who attend the First Congregational Church.