The First Congregational Church has been a strong and quiet friend to many people through the years in many different ways. "Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve ..." (Matthew 20:28), we reach out in mercy to care for the needs of others. Confidential assistance is available for our own members and friends who need financial or other physical assistance through the Deacons Fund. This is a small, discretionary fund that is maintained by the Deacon Ministry. It is administered on a confidential basis by the pastor and has helped many families over a rough patch through the years.

In order to be good stewards on behalf of those who have given in good faith to the Deacons Fund, money is not dispersed directly to an individual. Rather, a payment might be made to a utility, such as the electric or phone company, to cover or offset a bill. The Deacons Fund also purchases food and gasoline cards which can offer some temporary relief in a pinch.

If you or your family has a need, or you know of someone with a need, please contact the church. You may call the Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Charles Hambrick-Stowe, the Parish Nurse, Debbie Wein, a Deacon, or the church office at 203-438-8077. All questions and comments will be handled with confidentiality.

Financial Support
Support for the Deacons Fund is through the mercy and generosity of our own congregation. From time to time, you may notice one of the red-bordered offering envelopes in your packet marked "Deacons Fund." However, it is not necessary to wait to use that particular envelope. Simply make a note on the memo field of your check that it should be applied to the Deacons Fund. The check can be placed in the offering plate at any worship service or can be mailed to the church office: The First Congregational Church, 103 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877. You can also donate electronically. 100% of your designated gift will be used for this mission and all donations are fully tax deductible.