Q. How does the church select the organizations it supports?
A. The Mission Ministry intentionally supports a limited number of organizations so that the church can have a significant positive impact on those missions. Supporting these selected “mission partners” enables church members to share in the faith of Jesus Christ through their time, talent, treasure, and testimony. Local missions are selected as well as regional and global missions so that the church is able to touch the lives of a variety of individuals. Each selected mission should help foster the involvement of the congregation beyond financial support.

Q. How does the church support these organizations financially?
A. A portion of the church's annual budget is allocated for "missions" and the Mission Ministry deliberates on how best to distribute funds marked for mission work. In addition, Mission Ministry members engage in other efforts to raise funds for missions throughout the year, such as the annual Holiday Fair for Missions. Any money given to the church and designated for a specific mission is given to the specified organization.

Q. How else does the church support these organizations?
A. The types of non-financial support are as varied as the missions themselves. Members are involved in building projects, cooking meals, collecting and distributing items and so much more. There are numerous opportunities for participation by members of all ages, regardless of skill level or the amount of time that can be committed.

Q. How can I give to these organizations?
A. You can give through the church by writing a check in the amount you care to give to The First Congregational Church and note in the memo field that the gift should be directed toward the mission you have specified. The check can be placed in the offering plate at any worship service or can be mailed to the church office: The First Congregational Church, 103 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877. You can also donate electronically. 100% of your designated gift will be sent to the mission and all donations are fully tax deductible. In addition, or alternatively, you are encouraged to reach out directly to our mission partners. If contact information is not readily available, the church office may be able to provide assistance.

Q. How can I become involved/volunteer to work at one of the missions our church supports?
A. If you are interested in becoming involved or have other questions regarding any of The First Congregational Church’s missions, please call the church office at 203-438-8077 or complete our online form.

Q. How can I become a member of the Mission Ministry?
A. Members of the ministry must be members of The First Congregational Church and are asked to serve for three years. As openings become available, new members are nominated and approved by the Church Council. Because of relocation, end of term and other reasons, positions become available. The Mission Ministry is always looking for enthusiastic members. If you wish to be considered for the next available opening, please call the church office at 203-438-8077 or complete our online form.

Q. How is the Mission Ministry organized?
A. There are up to 12 members. Each ministry member is directly tied to one or more of the missions and acts as the liaison for that mission. In addition, ministry members are nominated and elected to serve as Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Typically the ministry meets once a month.

Q. I have a suggestion/question?
A. Please contact us. Your input may make a difference in how we serve others and may change someone else's life forever. To contact us, please call the church office at 203-438-8077 or complete our online form.