Mission Overview
Midnight Run is a consortium of more than one hundred churches, synagogues, and schools in the NY metropolitan area. Every night of the week, several groups of volunteers travel into Manhattan; where they seek out the homeless and deliver clothing, food, blankets, and personal care items. In the process, they try to break through the barriers of prejudice and fear that try to separate us into artificial categories of "homed" and "homeless."

Throughout the year, the church collects coats and other clothing to provide to the homeless in New York City. FCC youth and adult leaders have participated in numerous past Midnight Runs to distribute clothing, food and hot beverages to those who are often overlooked.

In similar fashion, Breakfast Run serves the needs of the homeless through an early morning trip to NYC. FCC's Confirmation Class and adult volunteers make a Breakfast Run each fall and spring to deliver a hot breakfast, clothing and personal care items.

Becoming Involved
If you are interested in joining a Midnight Run or Breakfast Run or have other questions regarding The First Congregational Church's support of Midnight Run, please contact the church office at 203-438-8077 or complete our online form.

Financial Support
If you are interested in financially supporting Midnight Run, you can donate electronically or write a check in the amount you care to give to The First Congregational Church and note in the memo field the gift should be used toward the Midnight Run mission. The check can be placed in the offering plate at any worship service or can be mailed to the church office: The First Congregational Church, 103 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877. 100% of your designated gift will be sent to the mission and all donations are fully tax deductible.

For more information on Midnight Run, go to: www.MidnightRun.org