Friend Of The Concert Series Gift Form

Please print out the form below and follow the instructions:

I/We wish to contribute a restricted gift, as a Friend of The Concert Series, in support of the 2012-2013 Fountain Music Series, in the amount of:

_____$1,000 _____$500 _____$250 _____$150 _____$100 _____Other

and will make contributions/installments

____One Time gift ____Monthly ____Quarterly _____Semiannually ____Other

Name: _____________________________________________

(As you wish it to appear in the printed program


City: ___________________ State: _____ ZIP: ________

Tel.: _____________________

Please make checks payable to Fountain Music Series, and mail to:
Board of Music Ministries
The First Congregational Church
103 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877

As a reminder, all contributions are tax deductible.