Make a One Time Contribution to our H.O.M.E. Service Mission Trip

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Thank you for contributing to our H.O.M.E. Service Mission Trip. Our success in helping those less needy within this rural community in Orland Maine depends on the contributions of many people. You can contribute using either a credit card or by a direct electronic transfer from your checking or savings account.

We will take you through several steps to insure accuracy and privacy.

First, we will gather some information about you, the giver. So, please complete and submit the following information. You can look for your name in the "Select Your Name" list. But if you cannot find your name, just select "Not in List" If one of our H.O.M.E. participants encouraged you to make this contribution, then please select their name from the "Pledge for Participant" list. Otherwise, select "On My Own" from the "Participant to Support" list.

Note: If you want to sponsor more than one participant with your contributions, you must complete the first contribution with your participant selection. You will then need to begin again and make a new contribution with your additional participant selected. You can repeat this process for all the participants you wish to sponsor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our electronic contribution coordinator at

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You will be contributing to the HOME Mission General Fund. Your contribution will help our trip and outreach be possible and successful.

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